Fox Hosts Conspiracy Theorist Lawyer Who's Suing Over Benghazi To Smear Hillary Clinton And James Comey

From the August 10 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): Here is Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch. He left the group thirteen years ago, but he's also the attorney representing the family of Tyrone Woods, one of those killed in Benghazi in September, 2012. Larry, good morning to you. I just want to make some very direct questions, OK? Did the Clinton Foundation, on behalf of Bill Clinton, use connections to the State Department under Hillary Clinton to gain favor? Yes or no? 

LARRY KLAYMAN: Absolutely. I mean this is a modus operandi of Mrs. Clinton and Bill Clinton. Back in the early 80's, excuse me, in the late 90's, I uncovered at Judicial Watch that they were selling campaign contributions for access to the administration. This is nothing new. This has been a pattern of practice. And after I left Judicial Watch I started Freedom Watch, you can find that at And we have a RICO complaint of their racketeering about her pattern and practice of selling access to government in exchange for campaign contributions. It's nothing new, Bill.

HEMMER: OK Larry let me stop you. It's a strong charge. You sued the Clintons many times in the past. What is the proof? Give me a case where a favor was returned.

KLAYMAN: Well, we've seen just it in the emails that came out most recently but we've been seeking documentation. And Peter Schweizer was on earlier on Fox & Friends. He has documented the sale of access by the Clintons to the State Department for favors. That's called bribery. One of the things that we've been looking at at Freedom Watch is the sale of waivers, that is to do business with Iran, who wants to wipe out Israel, the United States as the great Satan, in exchange for contributions to the Clinton Foundation. We drew an Obama judge who hasn't forced the State Department to turn anything over. But Hillary Clinton was in charge of selling -- excuse me, of granting waivers to companies doing business with Iran, and Peter Schweizer has actually put that in his book. So there's a lot out there.

HEMMER: Larry, what is -- give us a down the line interpretation of this. If this is true, as you allege, what's the danger?

KLAYMAN: Well, the danger is that our government's for sale. The danger is that these individuals, who have made large contributions to the Clinton Foundation, own the Clintons. They will call in the favors if she's president of the United States as they did in the 90s when the Chinese were involved with the Clintons, they helped finance their campaign for reelection. This is nothing new, and the Clintons are perhaps the most corrupt couple, I call them the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, ever to have occupied the White House and now they want to do it again. The United States is at great risk.

HEMMER: James Comey, FBI director, declined to answer when he was asked whether or not the Clinton Foundation was being investigated. Is it or not?

KLAYMAN: I don't know whether it is or not. James Comey, I've worked with him on some cases, he's a nice man, but I believe that he didn't do what he had to do there because frankly, if he had recommend prosecution against Mrs. Clinton, the Democrats would have blocked him from any future appointment. He is a political animal, his term at the FBI will end, and I believe that he basically was looking at his own interest and not the United States, I regret to say that. And I think people have lost confidence in the FBI. 

HEMMER: Those are a strong statement, that's what you're saying about James Comey? 

KLAYMAN: Correct. 


HEMMER: These were 44 emails that were not previously made public. Larry, how many more emails are there that will be made public?

KLAYMAN: Well we're still seeking many at Freedom Watch that haven't been produced. And I suspect there are literally tens of thousands of emails that have not been produced. The FBI has to have them. If this agency does not have the sophistication to get them off her private server, frankly Bill, we're in a lot of trouble when it comes to fighting terrorism and everything else. It would explain some of the attacks that we've had.


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