Fox Host Wants U.S. To Give Mexico Land To Move Undocumented Immigrants To “Friendly” “Deportation Stations”

Eric Bolling: “They Go To This Island Within The United States ... Why Is That So Bad?”

From the September 1 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): When you're in a foreign country and you go to the U.S. Embassy in a foreign country, you're on U.S. land. You're not on foreign country land anymore. You're in U.S. territory, right? So, if you set up -- let's call them Mexican deportation stations within the United States, and an illegal who's here with a family says, you know what, I've been here for five years, I'm paying my taxes, I just want to be a United States citizen, they go to this island within the United States. You're technically on Mexican land again, right? You've been deported, and you go back into society. I mean, that's a way, and why is that so bad? That's a very friendly way and nice way to do it, isn't it, no?

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): I love it when you make these things up. I don't hear this from the candidate.


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