Fox Host Suggests Trump Fire Paul Ryan After GOP Health Care Failure 

Eric Bolling When Someone Gives You A Bad Deal “You Got To Get Rid Of Them”

From the March 24 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Let me use your CEO example, your example of Donald Trump the CEO, who is used to getting money people bringing him deals, saying “OK, this is the one I can sell. This is good for the company.” This is exactly what happened. And Kimberly points out last night, I think late last night, it's a yes or a no, guys, I'm done selling this thing. And it was a no, believe me, at that point it was a no. So then they had to figure it out. The point is the person that brings you that deal that's is amazing great for the company and it's a flop. What do you usually do with them? You got to get rid of them. You got to demote them.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): It's the difference between being, like, a macro and a micro-manager. Maybe read more about the bill. 

BOB BECKEL (CO-HOST): He still scared a lot of people that need to be scared tonight, as he sits in his fat house with his fat and his fat food and everything else he's got.

BOLLING: Do you realize there are more people who would be without health care under this bill than Obamacare? More people.

BECKEL: That's a classic Republican deal.

BOLLING: If anything, all those people are wiping their brow going thank god we still have Obamacare under this thing.

BECKEL: That's right, I think that's right. But the question is when he said it was going to implode. He doesn't know that it was supposed to implode three years ago according to most of you guys and it hasn't. 

DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): Actually it's the insurance CEOs saying that it's not going to be successful.

BECKEL: They will be at the marketplace believe me. 


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