Fox host suggests schools should have two armed officers in response the Uvalde mass shooting

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Citation From the May 26, 2022, edition of Fox and Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): In Uvalde, Uvalde I should say, you guys decided to put an armed officer in the school.

EUSEVIO SALINAS (SAVALA COUNTY SHERIFF): I don't know Uvalde's school policy, I am Zavala county. I know we have a police department that provides for the school district. That's their own police office, and they have armed officers. Armed certified police officers in the school district.

KILMEADE: Right. So that's a good move you believe, right? And is one of the lessons from this, on first blush, you need more than one?

SALINAS: Oh by far. Look at the ratio of students and the territory that the officer has to cover. Inside the school district. I mean it's a large area that must be covered. And, yes.