Fox host says Ocasio-Cortez's proposed tax plan is “punitive” and has “a racial element”

Charles Payne: Democrats are “having some real, serious issues with politics based on race coupled with these ideas that somehow you can use taxes ... to rewrite the wrongs of yesteryear.”

From the February 4 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS HOST): The irony is that the places in this country, whether it's the state or cities that have the highest taxes and most regulations have the widest income inequality gaps, right. They have the worst gini coefficient ratings out there. So, if you want to talk about data, the data would actually support the notion that when you put in too many taxes, you actually hurt the poor more than the rich.

But I will say I think there's an element to this and it was sort of alluded there, just moments ago AOC put out a tweet to [Rep.] Dan Crenshaw saying, “The average NFL salary (sic) player is making $2.1 million and they would never experience the 70 percent tax rate, but it's the owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick they (sic) would.” 

There's also another element to this, and it doesn't get said in public, but there's a racial element to this. And where a lot of people are saying, yeah, even Howard Schultz has an amazing story, but could a black kid from the projects have followed in his footsteps and gotten the breaks that he got in this sort of country? So, they don't talk about it on the surface, but when you start to bring the social justice stuff in there, like this line, “The owners who refuse to hire Kaepernick would, though,” and that's where the Democratic Party itself is starting to implode. We saw the events over the weekend. They're having some real, serious issues with politics based on race coupled with these ideas that somehow you can use taxes not as an economic tool, really, to be honest with you, what they're trying to use tax policy is a social justice tool to rewrite the wrongs of yesteryear. It's a punitive action, it's not a pro-economic action.


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