Fox host mocks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for highlighting 12-year deadline to prevent catastrophic climate change

Co-host Bill Hemmer: “I do believe Al Gore said that 12 years ago.”

From the January 23 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): So Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the world's going to end in 12 years if we don't do something on climate change. I do believe Al Gore said that twelve years ago. 

BRAD BLAKEMAN (FRM DEP. ASST. TO PRESIDENT GW BUSH): I heard that, yes. And here we are. And if the world's going to end in 12 years, I think we better get our affairs in order, like perhaps our debt, worry about an event happening before 12 years, like nuclear war with people like North Korea or Iran. I think those are the most immediate problems that America faces right now.

JESSICA TARLOV (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): I think you can do everything but go ahead. 

ANNE GEARAN (WASHINGTON POST): I mean, what AOC is saying here is speaking for a generation that's yours, not mine. I mean she's saying look, for millennials, they're looking at a potential climate catastrophe that's not only in their lifetime, it's basically coming right up. And she doesn't believe what she said was a gaffe in any way, and she actually speaks for many people who are looking out over the horizon to what will, if nothing changes, scientists will tell us, going to be an economic and ecological and climate catastrophe. She's not going to back down from that and, you know, other than fact checking -- 12 years, 11 years, 20 years.  

BLAKEMAN: Well, in America -- in America, thank God everybody's got a right to be wrong. But the facts don't bear out. 

HEMMER: I'll see you in 12 years. 


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