Fox host Mark Levin goes on tirade against Special Counsel Jack Smith

“This guy is sleezy, he's destroying our republic, he's destroyed our electoral system”

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Citation From the August 3, 2023 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

MARK LEVIN (FOX NEWS HOST): Message sent, message received, but I think the mob boss who runs the Department of Justice is already well aware what his job is. Now, how do we know that? Every single indictment has been approved by the Attorney General of the United States, every single one of them. This special counsel was picked because he was close to Eric Holder, he was close to Jim Comey, he was close to Andrew Weissman. This isn't an independent operation. I explained it on my show Sunday. All they did is they took the worst actors under the Obama / Biden / Holder administration, they set them apart, called them special counsel, they have up to 60 FBI agents –60 FBI agents and prosecutors, he brought in his old chums from the public integrity section, another buddy from the Hague.

He was sent to the Hague. It's not like, can I go to the Hague. He was so bad, he was sent overseas. This man has been reversed by three separate juries, he was reversed by an 8-0 Supreme Court. As I explained on Sunday, he takes these statutes that don't even apply, takes statutes and he rewrites them. He knows that he is in Washington D.C., he's got a grand jury in Washington D.C., he's got the worst radical left-wing Obama judge in America, somehow gets the case. She's in charge of the case. He could indict Trump for drinking too much orange juice, and everybody would say great, he's not above the law.

Let me tell you something else. This case in Florida, this documents case where you also have former federal prosecutors and others telling me, that's a serious case. That is an unserious case. There are motions to be filed here. He brought that case in Washington D.C. in the wrong venue purposely. He wanted to indict Trump in Washington with Democrat grand jurors and then he says, oh, by the way, we're moving the case to Florida. Under federal Department of Justice guidelines for prosecutors, you are not allowed to do that. That's motion number one. The President of the United States had his attorney/client privilege stolen from him by another Obama judge who worked for Pat Leahy for ten years. That's motion number two. Motion number three, one of the top prosecutors in this office is accused of extorting defense counsel for a co-defendant of President Trump by waving a federal judgeship in front of him if he could get his client to turn state's evidence. That's motion number three, and then we have a general warrant. There are more motions that Trump's lawyers can file. I assume they will file.

So when you have people come on these airwaves and other -- oh, that's a slam dunk, you know, documents, and then step back, America. You charged a president with 37 counts involving documents in the middle of an election where he is the likely Republican nominee, and in there you never mention the Presidential Records Act? It's called a Presidential Records Act, not the Hillary Clinton records act for a reason. That is the controlling law, and the prosecutor doesn't even use it. This guy is sleezy, he's destroying our republic, he's destroyed our electoral system.

I am telling you three right now, nobody knows what the rules of the games are now when it comes to an election, and, Mike Pence, you're a disgrace for what you're doing right now. Of course, you objected to what you were told, and you did what you thought is right. That's the way the system is supposed to work. It worked. They system worked, and now we have the Biden administration sitting back and saying, well, who can we indict, and they looked, and they looked hard, and they -- the January 6th Committee and you had people on the January 6th Committee who should be apologizing to America. They said sedition. They said insurrection. There's no sedition. There's no insurrection. How could there be? The President of the United States said, hey, Nancy, you want 10,000 armed national guardsmen to protect Capitol Hill? No, we don't. It would be a bad look. We don't wanna do that. How can you run an insurrection when you're offering 10,000 armed Army troops to encircle the Capitol and protect it. Oh, and of course, they leave out that phrase, peacefully protest.

They didn't find, and I told you guys this months ago, not a syllable of evidence that Donald Trump was involved in overthrowing the government in an insurrection or anything else. As a matter of fact, he left office when he was supposed to leave office. That's what he did. They went after him before he was elected, they went after him when he was elected, they went after him in four years of his presidency, they are going after him now, and this is a disgrace to the whole country.