Fox host lets Gov. Scott Walker falsely state that “28 million Americans will lose” health insurance if Obamacare stays

28 million is the current number of uninsured people, and the CBO projects it would remain stable. Under GOP Senate plan, 49 million would be uninsured.

From the June 30 edition of Fox News’ America’s News Headquarters:

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JULIE BANDERAS (HOST): Okay, health care. A lot of GOP governors, in fact, had piled on and had been secretly sort of planning coming out and trying to put pressure on their GOP senators of their states, and it seems it worked. Trump says that if the GOP can’t, you know, get a repeal now, then they'll maybe replace it later. The question is what happens in the interim and is that a good or bad idea?

GOV. SCOTT WALKER: Well, I think the best thing they have to do is keep their promise. You know, Republicans in the House and the Senate ran, just as the president did, on repealing Obamacare. It is collapsing. It is failing. One of the things I wish they'd talk more about is the fact that their own agency, the Congressional Budget Office says that 28 million Americans will lose their health care coverage if nothing happens, if Obamacare continues out there. We don't hear that typically from any of the other media sources out there. We need to let people know that Obamacare is failing. It needs to be repealed, it needs to be replaced with something better, and I still think they’ll get there. The House took a little while. Remember, it was about six weeks between the time when they first thought they’d vote until the end. It doesn't have to be this week or next but it has to be yet this year in 2017.


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