Fox Host Ignores Investigations Clearing Planned Parenthood To Falsely Insist There Is “Overwhelming Evidence” Of Criminal Behavior

Heather Childers Parrots Debunked Claims From CMP, After Its Founder Was Indicted

From the January 27 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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HEATHER CHILDERS (HOST): But instead, David Daleiden, we mentioned him, Sandra Merritt also facing 20 years in prison for allegedly just trying to buy the fetal tissue and then also using a fake ID -- that, in fact, is a felony. And, we have a couple of examples of some of the things that were said and shown in the videos. There's at least eleven, there were some videos that were not released. And the evidence, as you said, pretty overwhelming. In the fourth video specifically, Planned Parenthood doctors stated, we don't want to do just a flat fee per baby of like $200, a per item thing works a little bit better just because we can see how much we can get out of it. So, in the face of overwhelming evidence, a lot of disturbing video, why do you think this happened?

REP. DIANE BLACK (R-TN): You know, I really can't answer that until we see all of the reports that come out of the grand jury decision. That's yet to be seen, but it does make me just shake my head and say how in the world can you watch those videos?


CHILDERS: So what are people listening to this development and this decision to think? 

BLACK: Well, what I hope what people will do is they watch these videos. And I really do hope that they at least pull up -- and I know it's very difficult for me as a medical person it was difficult, but for non-medical people it will especially be difficult. But I hope they pull that up and look at it and see what's happening in the abortion industry.


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