Fox host Greg Gutfeld accuses Joy Reid of harboring “seething hatred” for white people

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Citation From the April 16, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD: She should have said, "It's really alright, because the victim is white." She could have said, "Because I'm Black, I can pull off a racist attack." Or, "I could be a bigoted grump, because I got hair like Trump." That would have been nice.

Imagine if a white person said this. You know, "This is so poetic, how these white folks are giving it to the Black man." And it does reflect -- I'm joking -- but it reflects a seething hatred that she does have for whites, which MSNBC amplifies and somehow protects. It's a carbon copy of the O.J. trial. It's, a Black man killed two whites so it's excusable. But reverse racism is still racism. It's right there and MSNBC should know that.