Fox host downplays potential war with Iran as “just a video game. … drones are now replacing bones”

Greg Gutfeld: “It will be stuff versus stuff, and fortunately for us, we have the best stuff”

From the June 20 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Iran feels so old to me, it's the neighbor down the block that's always been there, and we've always had an issue with that neighbor, but nothing really ever happens.

You know, it's been going on since 1979, nothing ever changes, and I'm going to steal my talking point from our prompter operator, who said as I was leaving “This is now just a video game.” And I think that's good news.

We are in an -- we're now in a time where it doesn't matter how large your population is, because the population is no longer expendable in war. It's now about the machines that you have.

Drones are now replacing bones, Jesse. Yes, I like to do rhyming there. So, it will be stuff versus stuff, and fortunately for us, we have the best stuff. And if we have the stuff up there, doesn't matter what they have down there.

We control them if we have a sky of drones. So, then, how do you retaliate, right? How do you retaliate to something that isn't human?

Like, you know -- they took $160 million worth of machinery from us. We have to do that, which means either hitting some parts of their Navy, or refineries, or whatever.

You find out -- you retaliate with machines, but I think it's good news. I think we're moving away from hurling bodies at bodies.


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