Fox host dismisses Trump’s attempt to change Georgia election results as “the latest media hoax”

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Citation From the January 4, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (HOST): It’s the latest media hoax. “That mob boss Trump demanded Georgia’s secretary of state to invent enough votes to reverse the states results.” The hoax relies on you not hearing the whole audio in which Trump asks, asks, that they look into allegations into illegality that could deny him real votes.

What you have is another cut-and-paste media ruse, a Covington kid special. If you don't see the context, you agree with the lie. But listen to the whole thing and you find that Trump's just a pissed off coach arguing with the umps over a bad call that cost the series. He's me when I don't get what I ordered from GrubHub. He's teed off but he's no mob boss.

Worse, he's an outsider looking in, curious as to why no one really cares as Ric Grenell tweeted, "Raffensperger and his team were unsure of the facts and dismissive of finding the truth soon." It's true. Trump senses, as we all did, an establishment against him, against all of us. He may not be right in the evidence but his gut tells him from past experience, he could be. After all, these clowns spent four years trying everything under the sun, including the sun, to oust him, which means that fraud's on the table.