Fox host demands networks give Trump time to speak any time he asks, says it's unfair to “preemptively judge it”

From the January 8 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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HOWARD KURTZ: What's equally troubling to me is the self-righteous preening by some journalists and commentators who are saying, oh, the broadcast networks shouldn't put President Trump on at all because he'll just get up there and lie. Or, he shouldn't be on live, we should get to come on first and say all the things he said that weren't true, and then we can show the tape.

It's not that the president always tells the truth. For example, he said that the ex-presidents were backing him on the border wall, every living former president has said that's not true. But this is the most fact-checked president in history, and the way it should work is, he makes an Oval Office request, he gets to speak to the American people, and then they've got a week, every website, every newspaper, every network can come on and say, here's what was wrong, here's what was misleading, here's our analysis. But, to preemptively judge it, I think, is unfair.


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