Fox host criticizes Sen. Warren's call for high taxes on the super rich: Billionaire “earned” his luxury yacht

Billionaire Daniel Snyder bought a yacht with an an IMAX theater

From the January 28 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:​

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): Democrats moving further to the left. Let's start with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.


HEMMER: She tweeted this at the Dan Snyder, owns the Washington Redskins, OK. “This billionaire NFL owner just paid $100M for a ” superyacht" with its own iMax theater. I'm pretty sure he can pay my new #UltraMillionaireTax to help the millions of yacht-less Americans struggling with student loan debt." She's going after the wealthy here. And just so you know, she just tweeted right now: “Billionaires like this guy make me wonder what our country needs more of: ranches with golf courses designed by PGA players & fireplaces 'imported from European castles' – or universal childcare & a Green New Deal?” About billionaire Henry Kravis bought a -- no, sorry he's selling a $46 million ranch. She's going after the ultra-rich here. 

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX BUSINESS NETWORK): She is going after the ultra-rich and also people who happen to hire a lot of people. If you ever go to Redskins FedEx stadium you'll notice there are a whole lot of people working there. And those people have children that they, you know, putting through school, paying the dental bills. So it's -- this whole idea that somehow your money belongs to the federal government, that somehow Elizabeth Warren is going to take this ultrawealth tax and it's going to help someone really. I mean, she could tax all of Dan Snyder's money -- if you don't have the proper work skills today to get a job today, you won't have them tomorrow morning when Dan Snyder's money is gone. 

SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): It's not just that, Charles. By this call she's saying that she knows how to spend his money better than he does. Considering that yacht was built by a lot of people. 

PAYNE: There's a luxury tax on it as well. But the point is is he earned it. We're talking about a college drop-out. He was the youngest guy to have a company go public on the New York stock exchange. You know, all this hoopla about a Howard Schultz. This is another American success story who's got long coattails and has hired a lot of people, particularly Blacks, Hispanics, women. So it's so crazy not to see that if you dissuade people from becoming successful, there won't be any source of revenue to help anyone. 

HEMMER: It gives you a pretty clear idea about where a lot of the argument will be on the left during the primary season. 

PAYNE: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Here's the irony of it, guys. You know, Friday we get the jobs number. We might see the fourth month in a row with year-over-year wage growth over 3 percent. It's been well over a decade since that happened. We have seen employment-to-population ratio for Black Americans improve more in two years than in prior eight years. In the midst of this sort of economic success, they are still selling the idea that America is such an unfair place that if you just somehow let us take all the wealth from the rich people, we'll fix it. 


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