Fox host complains that “once the bombs start dropping” in Ukraine there will be less coverage of critical race theory

Jesse Watters: “Once the bombs start dropping, you’ll never hear about inflation, CRT, the open border, crime, anything”

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Citation From the February 18, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Do you think the Republicans have the discipline to pull that off? Because what you said is spot on. Are we going to get distracted and talk about Ukraine for 6 months or are we going to stay focused here?

STEPHEN MILLER (GUEST): That's what Joe Biden wants. It's clear, Joe Biden does not lean into many issues. Joe doesn't frankly lean into anything, except his ice cream sundaes. So, for him to do these repeated addresses on Ukraine, as bad as that whole situation is right now, tells you that his staff has determined that, of all of the available topics that he could have -- inflation, crime, record-breaking illegal immigration, the supply chain crisis, surging gas prices, critical race theory in our schools, mask mandates -- they decided the one subject they want to be talking about is Ukraine.

And so Republicans need to be careful here and not get dragged so far down into only talking about Ukraine that all of the issues Americans care about suddenly are wiped off the front pages of the newspaper. 

WATTERS: You know, you're so right about that. And it's quicksand because you know how the news cycle moves, you'll hear Ukraine and then, once the bombs start dropping, you'll never hear about inflation, CRT, the open border, crime, anything.