Fox host: Christine Blasey Ford is attempting to “trick” Kavanaugh by making accusations “intentionally vague” 

From the September 18 edition of Fox News' The Five

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JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Here's the problem though, so she said she can't remember some of the details that Jesse, rightly, laid out. But he says, a party that nobody remembers the details, that he wasn't there. That's not logical. Wait a second. So nobody knows exactly where the party took place and you don't remember being there. But how can you-- Wait, that didn't make sense. 

GREG GUTFELD (CO HOST): But Juan, that's the, that's the trick. You can't blame-- If you say, 'you did this to me, I can't tell you when or where because then if I do, you might be able to say, I wasn't there and that wasn't me' so you leave that intentionally vague. Right?


But there's a difference between skepticism and pilloried. Everybody has, if everybody can go on social media and condemn something, people can go on social media and question something. And I think that, even like Senator Blumenthal, he should know better about the fallibility of memory. This is a guy who, sincerely, I will give him that, believed he went to Vietnam. But he actually didn't go. We change our memories. I said it yesterday, our memory is Play-Doh. But I will say this, to your point, that goes both ways. Her memory has gaps, and so could his. So they, so that's why something has to be reported when it happens. This is the problem. You can't, relying on something that happened three and half decades ago in the court of public opinion means every single human being on this planet is vulnerable to this thing. 


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