Fox host calls unidentifiable federal officers throwing protesters into unmarked vans a “traditional law enforcement de-escalation tactic”

Jesse Watters: “That’s how good policing is done”

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Citation From the July 20, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Five 

JESSE WATTERS: These federal agents are there to protect federal property, they've had lasers pointed into their eyes and they've had commercial-grade fireworks shot at them. These anarchists have tried to hit people with vehicles, and when you come in and take some away in a van, that's actually a traditional law enforcement de-escalation tactic. Because when someone assaults a federal agent or commits a crime on federal property, they need to be arrested. Now, they are two ways of doing that. You can send in a bunch of federal agents into the middle of a crowd of 100 anarchists and try to arrest an individual, or you can isolate them later when they are more alone and make an arrest. That's how good policing is done.