Fox host blames Snoop Dogg, Kathy Griffin, Loretta Lynch for shooting at Congressional baseball practice

Eric Bolling: “Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities”

From the June 14 edition of Fox News' The Fox News Specialists:

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Where are we in a society when a guy like [Rep.] Steve Scalise, a wife and two kids, is gunned down on second freaking base? Congressman [Rep.] Mo Brooks described the terror he felt while lying down in a dugout being shot at with, quote, “just a baseball bat” for defense. Don't lose the poetic irony on the fact that this happened on a baseball field, the most American of American past times. Is this America, or is this Raqqa or Yemen?

So, today, this was clearly politically motivated, as the shooter was a [Sen.] Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign volunteer. And here's the socialist holding a poster with his politics written all over it, so this was a targeted attack on Republicans, no doubt. You know, American politics has been called a bloodsport, where both sides are using strong words to refute the other side's policies. It's been that way for 240 years, that's America. But there has been a sea change recently, in the words liberal politicians and celebrities are willing to use. Democratic politicians have been playing fast and loose with the way they disagree with the right, on the GOP healthcare proposed law just alone. 

Cory Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey said this will, quote, “mean death, pain, and suffering.” Terry McAuliffe, the Democrat Governor of Virginia, said people are going to die. Yep, Virginia. Let's call it the home field for today's shooting. Listen to Democrat and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch go too far. 


LORETTA LYNCH: I know it's a time of concern for people who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on, and even being rolled back. It has been people, individuals who have banded together, ordinary people, who simply saw what needed to be done. They marched, they bled. Yes, some of them have died. 


BOLLING: Spill blood, die? Really, ma'am? Snoop Dogg's gun, Kathy Griffin's head, Shakespeare's bloody rampage -- it goes on and on. How many innocent people have to die before we realize that words do matter? Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities. Think before you utter those blind, hateful words next time, liberals, because there are crazy people out there taking your metaphors literally. 


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