Fox host blames the media for backlash over lower tax refunds after GOP tax bill

Charles Payne: Political consequences would be due to “disingenuous reporting” because “the main problem is people are not adjusting their paycheck withholdings”

From the February 11 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): All right, average tax returns. So far 10 percent of American households have filed their taxes, and so far the average refund is down more than 8 percent this year. 

CHARLES PAYNE (FOX HOST): Yeah, I mean, apparently tax -- people who really do this, focus on it, say the biggest problem, the main problem is people are not adjusting their paycheck withholdings. They got all these different taxes and they came through with the same paycheck withholdings. Most experts say two-thirds of Americans will indeed have a nice significant tax cut. Only 6 percent will pay higher taxes. 

SMITH: Obviously there's going to be political consequences there, of course, because there's that tie --  

PAYNE: Could be. Could be if there's disingenuous reporting on it. You know, if we drill down further like you and I are doing, people will know that it's not -- 

SMITH: Maybe we'll do that this week, Charles Payne, we've got to leave it there. 


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