Fox host blames low reading scores on children “getting sexualized and racialized”

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Citation From the June 30, 2023 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (FOX NEWS HOST): Tiffany, in addition to having these presidential candidates, I understand that you're having seminars. One of the seminars that you're having is on sex education because there's been a lot of concern among parents and especially among the parents who are part of your group with the sexualization of children in the public school system. I understand that you're having people from the group Gays Against Groomers which I think is fabulous that you have them there as well. Talk to me about this issue and how it's animating your members.

TIFFANY DESCOVICH (MOMS FOR LIBERTY CO-FOUNDER): Yeah, it seems like in our nation right now, we treat adults like children and children like adults, and moms are standing in the gap. We are concerned about the sexualization of our kids in school. You're right, we're gonna have Gays Against Groomers, Jaime Michelle who is the founder here, speaking. She's been standing with many other people across the country with parents alongside us saying why is there so much sexual material being presented to our kids in school. We're also going to have an education panel with four superintendents of education from around the country to talk about the future of education. As Tina said, we have a failing education system in America with almost two-thirds of kids not reading on grade level.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Yeah, probably because they're spending so much time getting sexualized and racialized and not educated. You know, another interesting thing, Tina, is that, you know, as you know, the Southern Poverty Law Center tried to name your group, or did name your group, an extremist group. Lots of friends of the Biden administration have been trying to position you guys as somehow domestic terrorists. As we know, parents who went to school board meetings were labeled that. Even the event where you're holding it, the Museum for the American Revolution, the staffers tried to demand that your event be canceled, which the irony, the American Revolution, you're Moms For Liberty, I can't even start. So how are you dealing as a group with so many negative characterizations of your group, and what are they afraid of?

DESCOVICH: So we deal with it just like moms deal with everything. We make lemonade out of lemons. We are joyful warriors. We move forward with the work we need to do to protect our children, and to move forward the values that we hold dear for the future of our country, and so as we do that, we just stay laser focused. Last night, we had a welcome reception at the museum, like you said, but when we entered, we know there were protestors all around. The Philadelphia police department has been fabulous in making sure we are safe while we are here. They were out in force last night to protect us from those vandals because the night before they actually defaced a whole engraving on the museum of Washington crossing the Delaware.