Fox host blames Democrats for bombs sent to Democrats, speculates the bomber may have wanted to “garner sympathy for Democrats”

From the October 24 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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CHARLES PAYNE (GUEST HOST): It is early, we don't know who sent these, and, you know, what the motive was, and whether or not it was, you know, someone who didn't like Democrats, someone who was trying to garner sympathy for Democrats, or someone who is just trying to stir the political pot -- not that it needs any more stirring.

But what do you make, though, of comments, for instance, “When they're down, we kick them,” by Eric Holder for instance, and other highly ranked leaders in your party? Even Michelle Obama rebuked some of this, saying hey, this is not the message that she was trying to craft.

It seems like it has condoned getting into people's faces, making people, elected officials feel uncomfortable at times where maybe they're just trying to sit down for dinner. Doesn't that play a major role in all of this?


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