Fox host bemoans public schools, suggests parents send their kids to “classical Christian” schools

Pete Hegseth: “All the things that we're used to in public and private schools were created by progressives or Marxists”

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Citation From the April 27, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends

PETE HEGSETH (FOX NEWS HOST): I've got a new book coming out. It comes out on June 14. But we're not revealing the cover today on Fox & Friends. And it is about the 100-year progressive takeover of our K- through-12 classrooms. This was not just an accident of the '60s of a few radicals. This was an intentional plot over a hundred years ago to burrow into the affections of our youngest kids. And it's not an accident we're seeing the woke stuff that we're. seeing, the gender, the racial stuff we're seeing. That was all a product of takeovers. And it was systematic, decade after decade after decade, unions, new school prototypes, social sciences. All the things that we're used to in public and private schools were created by progressives or Marxists. And so I'll steal your book for a second, Carley, but I worked with David Goodwin, who has become a good friend of mine. He runs the Association of Classical Christian Schools. Which I believe is really the answer. And that's what makes this book different. Yes, there's a lot of problems; yes, we point out the history. In order to — the first path to recovery is knowing how deep your problem really is — in any circumstance, that's what we do. But there are three chapters on the solution of what parents and grandparents can do. And it's not just protesting at your school boards. That's a good thing.

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Give us one tip.

HEGSETH: It's a radical reorientation of your lives around the education of your youngest kids. You want a kid that's going to throw the flag in the garbage or pick it up out of the garbage truck like that sanitation worker. It can't — yes, your faith and family is very important. But if you hand your kids over, you know, five days a week, eight hours a day, 190 days out of a year to Democrats —

DOOCY: We all do that.

HEGSETH: But we have to realize the public schools of our past are not the public schools of today. The private schools of the past, not the private schools — even the Christian ones have a progressive underpinning. And you've got to find the schools that are really dedicated to true education, civics, history, that teach Latin, the great books. They're out there. You can find them. And you can even home school or do it online, but is the website for those types of schools, and I'm honored to release this. It comes out in June and we're just revealing the cover now. We hope folks will check it out. And I think it's a summer read that will get you thinking even more about my kids and my grandkids, what do I have to do?