Fox host attacks school board member who was born in Sudan: “We have an immigrant appreciation problem”

Nyamal Dei has been the target of racist attacks, now Fox is joining the fray

On Fox and Friends, weekend host Rachel Campos Duffy attacked Nyamal Dei, the first African American ever elected to office in Fargo, North Dakota, suggesting she has an “appreciation” and “assimilation” problem. Campos-Duffy went on to add, “I believe our country is going through an identity crisis, and if we don’t resolve it we won’t have a country soon.” In the wake of debate over the pledge of allegiance in Fargo schools, Dei has been the recipient of racist abuse. From The Forum of Fargo-Moorehead:

The most abhorrent and repulsive emails and phone calls have been directed at school board member Nyamal Dei. Just two months ago, she was celebrating her victory as the first African American elected to the Fargo School Board or any other elected office in Fargo.

Now, she’s being bombarded with sickening racist comments.

One person who called Dei said, “I can’t believe what people like you are doing to my country…Why don’t you go back to f------ Africa, you f------ (N-word).” Another caller said, “Should have figured a Black mother f----- wouldn’t vote for the pledge of allegiance before school. Listen jackass…If you don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance because it hurts your little Black feelings, ah. You’re a c---. F------ fascist. F------Nazi. And now you’re marked.”

An email written by someone from Fargo says, “I believe one member is an immigrant and who had to swear her loyalty to this country. Didn't take long for her to turn her back on that pledge.” Another one written by someone from Bemidji, Minnesota, says, “The libtard maggots that don’t appreciate America should move to Somalia so the non-menstruating persons can beat the crap out of the birthing persons." “It hurts. I am very disappointed,” Dei said. “I’m shocked with the foul language and the use of the N-word.”

There is clearly room for disagreement on this issue without resorting to white nationalist canards about an “an immigrant appreciation problem” and an “assimilation problem.” But the Fox hosts are more interested in playing into the replacement theory that Tucker Carlson just hours before had declared to be the top issue for Republicans in the midterms.

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Citation From the August 19, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends

AINSLEY EARHARDT (HOST): I know all three of you are men or women of faith. Rachel, I will start with you. What’s your response to this?

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (FOX NEWS HOST): Well it’s hard not to get depressed when you hear this story when North Dakota is debating whether or not we should do our – our pledge of allegiance. We know that something has gone sideways.

And I think if you look a little deeper into this, into the board members themselves – one of them was an immigrant from war-torn Sudan. That tells me if she is fighting against our pledge of allegiance we have an immigrant appreciation problem, we have an assimilation problem, and frankly, I believe our country is going through an identity crisis, and if we don’t resolve it we won’t have a country soon.

BRIAN KILMEADE (HOST): Well we got four million new people we'll talk to them and see what they want the country to be.