Fox host Ainsley Earhardt suggests tying Ukraine aid to a border bill

Ainsley Earhardt: “Hopefully they can come up with some plan to help our border”

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Citation From the February 13, 2024, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY: (CO-HOST): Alright. Within the last 15 minutes, the US Senate officially passed a $95 billion foreign aid spending package after working through the weekend and the night as well. The Senate passing the bill by a vote of 70 to 29. It now heads to the House where right now, it doesn't look like the speaker wants to vote on it.

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): Yeah. It faces an uncertain when it gets there to the house as the speaker, Mike Johnson, has made it very clear he's not on board with the package. He wants aid for the border.


EARHARDT: Well, Israel is our ally. They always have been. We will continue to support them. We have always stood by them as a country.

And when it comes to Ukraine, to hear Zelensky say that is a reminder of what that country has been through. I know it's a lot of money. I know we have our border issues. Hopefully, they can come up with some plan to help our border, because Lawrence has been traveling to all these different cities and they all say the same thing. We've talked to so many Border Patrol agents and we see what's happening here in New York City and in your city as well. So we definitely need to address that issue. Maybe make this a separate issue. I'm not sure if Speaker Johnson will be able to put that back in the bill.

But, when you hear Zelensky talk about this, we're reminded of those images of the women that were raped. Of the children that were killed. Of the school buildings and hospitals that were completely bombed in the middle of the night.