Fox guest: Trump had to change his policy of separating families because the pictures “looked bad”

NY Post's Michael Goodwin: Trump “is right about so much of the things he says in terms of the border,” but “the public relations battle, the hearts and minds battle here, was being lost because of the photos of these children”

From the June 20 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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MICHAEL GOODWIN (NEW YORK POST): Well, look, I think that he is right to do this, Neil, because he had to. He is right about so much of the things he says in terms of the border, the necessity to seal it, the fact that the Democrats don't want sealed borders. The Dianne Feinstein bill is remarkable. It would prohibit arrests within 100 miles of the border. That is an open border piece of legislation that as I understand it every Democratic senator has signed on to.

And yet, I think that the public relations battle, the hearts and minds battle here, was being lost because of the photos of these children. And it is of course their parents' decisions who did this, but nonetheless, this I think was dominating the conversation, fairly or unfairly. We can argue about that. But there's no question that the country looked bad, the president's policy looked bad because of those images.


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