Fox Guest Revives Keystone XL Jobs Myth To Attack Hillary Clinton

Lisa Boothe: Clinton's Opposition Threatens “42,000 Jobs” And American “Energy Independence”

From the September 23 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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LISA BOOTHE: Her recent stance on the Keystone Pipeline shows just what kind of trouble she is [in]. I mean, it's desperate, it's political pandering. And, you know, the problem that she's going to face is that it adds to this further distrust that voters have in her, because it directly contradicts her previous statements that she was not going to take a stance on the issue because of the conflict of interest at the Department of State. And the biggest problem for her, is it's going to be a political liability because not only is she catering to environmentalists, but she's picking them over labor, which supports the Keystone Pipeline. And what she's end up going to do [sic], is she is standing in the way of $2 billion of revenue, standing in the way of 42,000 jobs, and standing in the way of the United States taking steps toward energy independence.


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