Fox guest oddly argues that a public hearing is actually bad for transparency

Matt Whitaker: Hunter Biden's openness to a public hearing is actually “a tactic that hides everything from the American people”

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Citation From the November 29, 2023, edition of Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Hunter Biden wants to publicly testify on his father's behalf and his own behalf in his impeachment inquiry. And while the GOP rightfully rejected the proposal even the white house isn't happy. A former aid telling politico they are quote irritated meaning Abbe Lowell and attorneys are being more aggressive because he is not clearing the tactics and the strategy. Here to react is former acting attorney general Matt Whitaker. So Abbe Lowell says bring it on, I want my client to testify front and center and I'm going to reject the request to go behind closed doors and be deposed. Why won't the Republicans just say okay, come on out?

MATT WHITAKER (FORMER ACTING ATTORNEY GENERAL): Well, because first of all they should be suspicious of anything that Abbe Lowell proposes because he is a very talented D.C. insider that knows his game well. But I think the most important thing on this deal is they don't want Hunter Biden to sit for hours of deposition testimony where the counsel for the majority gets to ask questions and follow line of reasoning without the five minute tennis match back and forth that a public hearing would have and obviously that's exactly what Hunter's team wants. Is they want the, you know, the Democrats on the other side of the committee to be — to clean up his answers, to run interference and to otherwise make it very difficult. And so, you know this is a tactic that makes it look like he is being transparent but it's quite the opposite. It's a tactic that hides everything from the American people instead of getting the whole thing out in these depositions. And remember Donald Trump Jr. submitted to two of these depositions in the last congress so this is a very known way to get information from witnesses.