Fox guest: Migrant caravan is “nothing short of an invasion”

Art Del Cueto: “These individuals are entering our country by force” and “it does not seem like they’re asylum seekers. It looks a lot more like invaders to me.” 

From the November 16 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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ART DEL CUETO (VICE PRESIDENT, NATIONAL BORDER PATROL COUNCIL): There's been a lot of video that we've seen that has been put out on certain segments of social media where it shows these individuals have climbed into the United States. They've mocked border patrol agents. They've been saying some derogatory things towards the United States, towards border patrol agents, towards our president. This is not migrants coming into the country. This is nothing short of an invasion. 


SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): So -- obviously there are many who will push back on that and that these are people who are making this trek what is seen as a very dangerous, long trek to look for a better life. What do you know about the people? You're obviously talking about them as a group. What more can you tell us you are seeing as far as their activity and the way they have been acting along the way? 

DEL CUETO: You know what's amazing is, there’s a lot of things that haven't been pushed out to certain areas of the media, but you can see them on social media. There's individuals that have been filming themselves down in Mexico. The Mexican people themselves, the majority of them have said that they don't want them down there in their country and they've showed the disasters that they have left behind, trash that they have left behind. You know, it's just -- they're not asking for asylum in all the interviews that I have seen. What they're saying is, they want to come and get a job. So what are they running away from? If you're running away from some type of persecution, I fully understand that. You know, we're not a nation that's going to turn away people that are persecuted and need help. I am just saying that these individuals are entering our country by force, and the videos that I have seen, they’re mocking our agency, they're mocking our country, and it does not seem like they’re asylum seekers. It looks a lot more like invaders to me. 


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