Fox guest: “Liberal elites” on college campuses are turning our children into “politically correct thugs”

From the September 29 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (CO-HOST): This is what [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions said just two days ago and the overall picture about First Amendment rights, free speech, as it relates to conservative voices on college campuses. 


JEFF SESSIONS: Who decides what is offensive and what is acceptable? The university is about the search for truth. Not to the imposition of truth by a government censor.


HEMMER: Matt, when you hear that, and I know you saw the speech the other day, is this administration going to make headway when it comes to this? Do campuses care? Are they listening and can they elicit change? 

MATT SCHLAPP: Yeah, absolutely. And, matter of fact, I talked to Jeff Sessions literally as he left the Georgetown campus, and I asked him that very question about like what are you actually going to do? And they're going -- he is using the power of the Department of Justice to weigh in with briefs in these legal matters, to say that the First Amendment is something that this administration takes really clear. I mean, Bill, you got to think about it. Those amendments were written in an order. There is a sequence to it. And our religious freedoms and our ability to speak freely politically, this is what undergirds our whole democracy, and the fact that we have an attorney general that's going to spend time on that is something I applaud, especially when it comes to the hypocrisy of these liberal elites on these campuses, who are literally polluting the minds of our children and ruining the next generation and turning them into a bunch of politically correct thugs. It's got to stop.


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