Fox guest host Mark Steyn says America's “once fashionable, old identities” have been “otherized”

Steyn: “Half the country has been otherized into one mass, homogenous block of racist, white supremacist domestic terrorists”

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Citation From the February 10, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

MARK STEYN (GUEST HOST): A couple of points. First, if you know of any overheated historical analogies, text them to CNN because they're running out. Second, otherizing, as Anderson Cooper says, otherizing is the official policy of the American left. That's why LA Times writers turn in columns agonizing about the Trump supporter next door plowing for free the snow from their driveways. 

Half the country has been otherized into one mass, homogenous block of racist, white supremacist domestic terrorists while the other half has self-otherized into a dazzling array of customized boutique identity groups to such an extent that the new regime advertises itself daily as the first holy mutually otherized administration. And as new identities multiply, once-fashionable old identities wind up getting lumped in with insurrectionist snow plowers.