Fox Guest: Hillary Clinton’s Free College Tuition Plan Is “A Vote Buying Scheme”

From the July 6 edition of Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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MARIA BARTIROMO (GUEST HOST):  Deneen if this is not free, who is paying?

DENEEN BORELLI: Nothing is free, Maria, in this world. First of all, this is a vote buying scheme, and also what they're trying to do is trying to pander to the young voters, and this is also a scheme that is just not going to work. Listen, this is the wrong incentive to be sending a message to our young children. This will not work, and when you look at the fact that colleges will increase tuitions because someone else is paying for it, this reminds me Obamacare. Someone else is paying for it, the rates are going to go up.  This scheme will not work, it's going to backfire.


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