Fox Guest: Hillary Clinton Looks “As Though She's Auditioning For ... Jersey Shore”

Today on Your World with Neil Cavuto, guest host Stuart Varney had highlighted pictures of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enjoying a beer and dancing at a Cartagena bar during a trip to Colombia for the Summit of the Americas. One of Varney's guests, Heritage Foundation's Nile Gardiner launched an attack, claiming that the pictures made Clinton look “as though she's auditioning for the sixth series of Jersey Shore rather than representing America on the world stage as Secretary of State.”

This attack was so over the top, it was called out by Republican strategist Dee Dee Beinke, who called out Gardiner's attack as unfair and sexist.

VARNEY: As a heat wave grips the East Coast, the Secretary of State is catching some heat for what she was doing in South America. Hillary Clinton caught on camera throwing back a beer, tearing up the dance floor at a Colombian salsa bar.


GARDINER: Hillary Clinton is a public servant, she's there to serve the American people, to advance U.S. interests. And I think that conducting herself in this way as a senior US official on the world stage doesn't advance American interests in any way. In fact, it's downright embarrassing. It's as though she's auditioning for the sixth series of Jersey Shore rather than representing America on the world stage as the Secretary of State.


VARNEY: Aren't you reading a little bit much into Hillary Clinton with a beer? Would you say -- would you agree with the following rule: No senior public official must ever be seen in a bar with a drink and/or dancing? Would you make that rule?

GARDINER: I think it's a pretty good idea if they don't do any dancing at all because they look extraordinarily embarrassing when they do so Stuart. But I have to say, I go back to my original point. You know, people working for the government are servants of the taxpayer -- servants of the American people, and they should conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and of course recognizing the fact that they are representing the American people on the world stage. And all these pictures circulating around the Internet of Hillary Clinton are a downright embarrassment.


BEINKE: I just think it's unfair, and I've got to tell you, if her name was Hank, I'd think everybody would be going “yeah that's great,” and you know slap her on the back and that would be wonderful. But her name is Hillary.

VARNEY: Are you accusing my good friend Nile Gardiner of being vaguely sexist?

BEINKE: Yes. Yes I am.

VARNEY: You don't think he would say the same thing if it were a man on top of the food chain of the American government having a beer.

BEINKE: Not like that, no.

Hillary Clinton is not the first Secretary of State to have a little fun overseas. At the conclusion of the 2004 Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) Region Forum in Indonesia, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell donned a hard hat and construction apparel to do a version of The Village People's hit “Y.M.C.A.” during a skit.

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