Fox guest defends police brutality in Buffalo that resulted in 75 year-old man being left in stable but critical condition

Bernie Kerik: “At some point in time, you’re going to push the wrong cop and he’s going to push back. In this case, that is what happened”

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Citation From the June 5, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum 

MARTHA MACCALLUM: Let's look at another piece of video which is the pushing down of this man in Buffalo. And so tonight as I mentioned, the two officers involved in that were suspended. And now tonight the entire unit has resigned in protest. What do you know about that, and do you think we're going to see more of that? 

BERNIE KERIK: Here is what I know. When you watch these videos, listen, when a police officer tells you to move when there is a curfew, you move. When a police officer told you to back up, you back up. You're not supposed to stick your finger in his face. You're not supposed to touch him or throw something on it. They've been bombarded with bricks, rocks, molotov cocktails, sticks, you name it and you know what at some point in time, you're going to push the wrong cop and he's going to push back. In this case, that is what happened.

MACCALLUM: We'll see where it goes.