Fox guest defends Donald Trump’s attacks on Fox News host Neil Cavuto

Charlie Kirk: “I will say a lot of people are attracted to a freewheeling, off-the-cuff, candid leader”

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Citation From the February 20, 2020 edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum:

ED HENRY (GUEST HOST): He went off on a lot of tangents, what he likes on Fox, what he doesn't like on Fox, what he thought about the democratic debates. A lot of tangents there, but he's firing up a crowd that seems to be eating it up.


RICHARD FOWLER: He spent the past 30 or so minutes trashing one of our colleagues, Neil Cavuto, for no reason in particular, and I think this is -- this speaks to the problem with this presidency.

He could run on the good economy and I will give him points for that, but to sit on -- to sit on this air and to trash a good journalist, it speaks to the problem that we have. You can't -- we can't tell our kids not to bully, we can't tell our kids to be nice to your neighbors, right? We can't tell our children to do unto others what you'd like to be done unto you when you have a president attacking a good man for no reason in particular, besides the fact that he criticized a particular policy position of his.

HENRY: Right, I'm not sure it was bullying, but I take your point. Neil Cavuto from the first day I walked in to the Fox News channel has always been an outstanding man, outstanding journalist, has always been supportive, and I want to make sure that I stand up for him as well. But in the meantime, Charlie, how do you respond to that? When you hear Richard saying why go off on this tangent for who knows how many minutes?

CHARLIE KIRK: Well look, I got a couple quick thoughts. First of all, I got two friends in that bout, Neil has been always great to me, I totally second that, and the president the same, so I'm going to kind of just stay out of that, and let that happen.

I will say a lot of people are attracted to a freewheeling, off-the-cuff, candid leader, unscripted, not like the traditional political class of people that are always reading from a teleprompter and say one thing and mean another.

There's a great appeal to it and I know it's different from every other politician that we have seen but the results that he has delivered for the country and you see the crowds there, there is an entertainment faction of this, that all the sudden it's not just politics --

HENRY: No doubt.