Fox guest claims student loan relief for millions of Americans is “Robin Hood in reverse”

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Citation From the August 29, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Faulkner Focus

GILLIAN TURNER (GUEST ANCHOR): [Sen.] Bernie Sanders, kind of mirroring the argument from progressives, says this levels the playing field or goes towards leveling the playing field, and Republicans are really only upset right now because this helps the lower and middle class and they the tend to like to really only beef up the upper classes. What do you say to that argument?

STEPHEN MOORE (FORMER TRUMP ECONOMIC ADVISER): Gillian, it's exactly the opposite of what Bernie Sanders is saying. First of all, realize that half of the workers in America, Gillian, never went to college. And there are people who are — people who own small businesses oftentimes, or people who work as plumbers, or electricians, or construction workers. Now they've got to pay higher taxes for somebody who went to college and — as is often the case — is making $100,000 a year. So, this is Robin Hood in reverse. It's actually taking money from people who didn't go to college and putting it behind the people who didn't repay their loans.

By the way, one other quick point Gillian, I believe if Biden does this and they forgive $500 billion of student debt, this is the death of the student loan program because no one is ever going to repay a student loan anymore. Why would you if you know the government is going to come along and bail you out. So the whole program — Democrats are killing the student loan program with this bailout.