Fox guest calls Woodward book a distraction from Trump's Nobel Peace Prize nomination

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Citation From the September 10, 2020, edition of Fox News' Your World With Neil Cavuto  

DENEEN BORELLI (GUEST): In regards to Woodward in his book, and the excerpts and the interviews Neil, I just think that the President can't do or say anything right, and personally I think this is a hit piece. I mean think about the timing of all of this. We are 50 days or some out from the presidential election, right? Woodward sat on his information for how long, for months? Why did he do that? How come he didn't come out with it sooner? And not only that, when you look at how this has sucked all of the news out of the air in regards to the President, being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That's off the front pages, no talk about that at all.