Fox guest calls out network for its toxic immigration rhetoric

Michael Wildes: “The dialogue on immigration has deteriorated, and unfortunately the media, and particularly this network, has a lot to do with that”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered Overtime:

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MELISSA FRANCIS (HOST): I don't think anybody argues if you're truly in jeopardy, we want to open our country to you. But that's not what all of those things looked like, and as you're coming with a group that's called nations without borders, or whatever it is without borders, that's something -- they're making a political point as opposed to trying to help people. 

MICHAEL WILDES (FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR): I appreciate your comments and the spirit of how it looks. But the dialogue on immigration has deteriorated, and unfortunately the media, and particularly this network, has a lot to do with that. 

FRANCIS: Oh it's our fault? 

WILDES: No, you're not contributing to the amelioration of the problem. The truth is, you're right, we should be looking at the merits --

FRANCIS: How do you see that when we're trying to have a discussion about what's going on at the border?

WILDES: Let me raise my point -- let me raise my point. There was a lawyer, as I started to say before, in my office, whose relative, a father, was shot in the back. When the child came here because he was in fear, the judge said, “well, the fear is over, you have to go back.” 

FRANCIS: There are a million stories like that. I'm sorry, you're taking too long to make your point, it's a TV segment, I hear what you're saying. Everybody's got a story like that, everybody's waiting in line -- 

WILDES: And they should hear it in court, I agree -- 

FRANCIS: Absolutely, but these people don't get to shove to the front of all the other people who need it, and to blame our network for that is outrageous. 

WILDES: Not really, not really. 

FRANCIS: Yes, we're having a candid conversation, where others are just doing pictures and being emotional about it. We're trying to talk about the real facts behind it, sir. 

WILDES: I agree. And when they get on line they're waiting on line. If they're going in front of somebody else that's not right, but they should still have the same day in court, correct?

FRANCIS: Absolutely, and that's why sending more legal resources down there makes a lot of sense. 

WILDES: It does, if they're going to give them a fair day in court, and if an attorney general says --

FRANCIS: What makes you think they're going to be unfair? Why do you have that predisposition that they're going to be unfair? 

WILDES: Because our chief lawyer for this nation is telling people that this is not appreciated. Why shouldn't they come to our border?

FRANCIS: It's not appreciated when you caravan people up to climb over a fence.


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