Fox guest calls charges against officer who shot and killed Rayshard Brooks “a miscarriage of justice” 

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Citation From the June 17, 2020, edition of Fox News' Your World WIth Neil Cavuto 

NEIL CAVUTO: There is so much that we are trying to piece together here. But obviously, they had access to some other video and materials that people were not aware of in the beginning so much as to conclude —and I want to raise this with Ted Williams -- that this was not as first appeared to be piecing a lot together Ted. What do you think? Because he had made, that is the attorney, had made a very big deal of the fact that this was something that was unnecessary, that this was something that didn't have to be done, that even though he was you know brandishing a weapon or a stun gun or weapon, taser, that in the Atlanta police code, it is not deemed as such. Someone fires that on you, it is not deemed necessary to respond the way this officer did. Your thoughts.

TED WILLIAMS: My thoughts are, Neil, we are watching unfortunately and sadly a miscarriage of justice here. First of all, let me say that I believe that the D.A. here, Paul Howard, overcharged Officer Rolfe in regards to this very sad death of Mr. Brooks. Let me try to be direct with you. What an officer can do, if a deadly force is being used against an officer, an officer has a right to use also deadly force. That is Georgia law. Now what happened here was, everything was beautiful and peaceful and calm up until the time that they got ready to arrest this man. And when they had tried to arrest Mr. Brooks, Mr. Brooks wrestled with them, grabbed one of the tasers, and took off.

The officer Rolfe is right behind him, and he's running behind him, he has his taser out. He moves his taser from his right hand to his left hand. He then pulls his service revolver, but this is why, this case I believe will be found not -- these officers will not be found guilty. It's because at that stage, unfortunately, Mr. Brooks turned and shot the taser at the officer. And let me just say something. I've heard all this crap about a taser is not a deadly weapon. As a lawyer, I can tell you, I am representing two people against police officers who have used tasers. And those two people that I have represented died. They died as a result of being tased. A taser is a weapon. A taser can be a dangerous weapon.