Fox Guest Bursts Their Bubble: Climate Change Is “One Of The Most Important Issues” In Florida Politics's Larry O'Connor Calls It “Politically Gross” That Clinton Is Making The Case For Climate Action In Florida

From the October 11 edition of Fox News Channel's The Real Story:

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MELISSA FRANCIS (host): A blast from the past returns today in Florida. As we mentioned, former Vice President Al Gore will join Hillary in Miami in less than an hour. But many of the people that they will speak to are too young to remember his time in office. Al Gore began as a Congressman from Tennessee. Later he became a senator, he ran for president in 1988, losing in the primaries, and then in 1992 Bill Clinton chose him as his running mate. After serving eight years as vice president, he took another shot at the White House in 2000, just barely losing to George W. Bush in a race so close it went to the Supreme Court. Since leaving office, he won a Nobel Prize for his work on global warming.


SIMON ROSENBERG (founder of New Democrat Network): I think it's good that the Clinton campaign is doing this for many, many reasons. You've covered many of them, this is a complicated story. And I think that they're going to tell two stories today, I think one is about the throwing away your vote for a third-party candidate, we went through this as a country in 2000 and as a Democratic party. But also I think you're going to hear a lot about Al Gore being sort of a very modern figure, actually, not a throwback figure. Many of the things he worked on -- enabling the digital economy, climate change -- these are things that are happening now, and he was very involved in helping really construct and build the modern world. And then finally I think the other piece of is it going to be the discussion how he when he was in office with Bill Clinton, we had robust economic growth, it's happened two consecutive Democratic administrations. I think they'll be making the economic case as well for the Democratic ticket. 

FRANCIS: Okay. Larry, the challenge with that is that if they're looking at going after the millennials, the problem with Hillary Clinton and the millennials is that to them she doesn't seem genuine. They don't trust her or any of the system. They were for Bernie Sanders because he seemed like he was offering something different. So how does Al Gore address that problem of not wanting what is the old establishment, what has been tried, what is tired?

LARRY O'CONNOR ( editor at large): Yeah, retread Tuesday in Florida, right? By the way, Simon -- I just want to be clear here -- “enabling the digital economy,” is that the 2016 version of inventing the internet? That's the first time I have heard that one about Al Gore's great achievements. Listen, this is, to me, this shows that they're not partying in Hillary headquarters the way we saw in Saturday Night Live this last Saturday. If they're really concerned about millennials going third party, that means they think this is going to be a close election and they think Florida is going to be close. I just find it a little distasteful, just a couple of days after Hurricane Matthew hit Florida, and I think the death toll in that state was five, that we've got Al Gore making the case, the false claim that global warming is the cause of hurricanes considering we just had the longest drought of hurricanes. Isn't that a little politically gross to be going down there and making that case right after the hurricane hit the state? I don't like it, I don't think Floridians will like it.

FRANCIS: There are people out there who believe in that theory, right, Simon? There are people in southern Florida who feel like the reason why a lot of their beaches are disappearing and things are happening and you're seeing this sort of dramatic weather --

O'CONNOR: I'm talking specifically about hurricanes. We had the longest drought in American history.

ROSENBERG: I don't know that we're going to solve this debate on this show right now, but certainly I think that if you -- I spent time in South Florida, I've worked in political campaigns down there. There is enormous concern about rising sea levels and climate change in South Florida. It is one of the most important issues in all of Florida politics. Larry is just wrong on this one, I think. Larry is often correct and smart and right, not on this one. I think this is a pressing issue for Florida voters.


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