Fox & Friends uses extreme weather and supply chain issues to promote food buckets

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Citation From the November 14, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends Weekend

RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY (CO-HOST): And with ​natural disaster​s​ striking unexpectedly​,​ we​'re going to​ show you the gadgets​ that​ you​'ll​ need to keep your family and ​and your ​pets ​safe. 

​WILL CAIN (CO-HOST):​ All right, so here for​ ​d​a​y​ 2 of our always be prepared series,​ home​ ​improvement and lifestyle expert ​S​kip ​B​edell.​ Skip, get us prepped.

​SKIP BEDELL (TELEVISION PERSONALITY): ​Guys, we're back. And you know, food obviously is ​really ​important​,​ especially​ for me, because I like to eat.​ ​So, ​supply chain​s​, we​'​ve seen empty shelves​ in grocery stores​, maybe for the first time ever. This is ​Readywise food. So they make emergency food supply buckets​.​ ​They have a 25​-​year shelf life​.​ So you can store these in your home​.​ They have​ delicious food, really nutritious, ​gluten-free, ​organic​. They have​ breakfast. They have ​dinner buckets. 

​CAMPOS-DUFFY: You said the ​mac and cheese is ​really ​good. ​

BEDELL: Mac and cheese is amazing, ​meat buckets with ​lite protein​.​ ​S​o what's great about this is​ really​ delicious food​,​ and all you have to do is add water. ​Twenty-five-​year shelf life​. And I got to tell you,​ my wife and I actually ​eat -- we just sometimes eat it​,​ and it's so good. It's not only just for​ ​emergency​. It's really good. 

​JANICE DEAN (CO-HOST): ​As somebody that doesn't cook, ​I would definitely dig in​to these​.