Fox & Friends ignored “blockbuster” jobs report for second month in a row

353,000 jobs were added in January, nearly double what economists expected

Fox News’ flagship morning show, Fox & Friends, once again failed to cover a strong monthly jobs report. Instead of reporting on the gain of 353,000 jobs over the past month, the program spent time fearmongering about crime (even as crime rates plummet nationwide) and showing viewers how to make Tom Brady’s favorite dessert.

The Associated Press reported that the huge number of jobs added is “the latest sign of the economy’s continuing ability to shrug off the highest interest rates in two decades.” This adds to the 333,000 that were added in December, “a figure that was itself revised sharply higher,” and the unemployment rate “stayed at 3.7%, just above a half-century low.” 
Washington Post columnist Heather Long, who was previously an economics correspondent at the paper, wrote in a social media post that it was a “blockbuster” jobs number, “far exceeding expectations of 180,000.” She added, “This is a really healthy economy,” and noted that the annual wage growth of 4.5% is “far ahead of” the 3.4% inflation rate.

Instead of reporting on these stellar jobs numbers, Fox & Friends busied itself fearmongering about crime and showing viewers how to make quarterback Tom Brady’s favorite dessert — avocado chocolate ice cream, if anyone was genuinely curious. Fox anchor Dana Perino even mentioned during the crime segment that “the economy could get better” between now and Election Day — without mentioning that the current state is quite good.

Fox & Friends also ignored the December jobs report a month ago, and multiple Fox personalities in January misleadingly attacked President Joe Biden’s economy in an effort to help former President Donald Trump’s presidential run. 

Fox Business host Larry Kudlow, who repeatedly pushed these false attacks on the Biden economy, has already offered a “mea culpa” and admitted he was “wrong about” predicting a slowdown and a recession.