On Fox, Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says result of the state Supreme Court election is “liberal indoctrination coming home to roost”

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Citation From the April 6, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

TRACE GALLAGHER (HOST): The Wall Street Journal says the following here, "the left wins big in the midwest elections." Quoting again, "Progressives had a banner day in the midwest Tuesday with victories for Chicago mayor and a swing seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The results will energize the left within the Democratic party and the badger state results are a five-alarm warning to Republicans about 2024." Is it? We said this before in the intro. Is this a five-alarm fire for the Republicans? 

SCOTT WALKER (GUEST): Absolutely. And it is on more than just the issue or more than just one issue, and more than just one candidate. A lot of people simplify it down to that. To me the larger issue here, we've seen it particularly in Wisconsin but across the country, is younger voters. In Wisconsin, last fall, we saw about a 40-point margin that younger voters gave to the Democrats running for senate and governor. We saw similar margins in Pennsylvania. Part of the reason why you have John Fetterman in the U.S. Senate in Arizona and Georgia and elsewhere. And just this week in Wisconsin, we don't yet know the numbers by age, but we do know that Dane County, which is where the University of Wisconsin's flagship campus is at, about 50,000 students are enrolled there, Dane County cast more ballots in the race for the Supreme Court than the largest county in the state, Milwaukee County. And in Dane County, 82% of those votes went for the radical. So unless we turn young people around -- and it's not as simple as one campaign ad or some sort of a coalition. This is years of liberal indoctrination coming home to roost. And we've got to turn it around if we're gonna win again. 

GALLAGHER: What do you attribute it -- boy I know you said the indoctrinization of the left wing. But is it teacher's unions, is it the abortion issue? What are you pointing to? 

WALKER: Well it's all of the above and I can't blame a lot on this generation. Because all they've heard are radical ideas and climate change and defunding the police, on abortion, and all these sorts of other issues. And so they have never heard the opposing viewpoint. And so if that's all they hear in college and high school and social media and culture, you can see why they've gone so lock step in that regard. We've got to turn that around.