Fox Figures Lash Out At Obama Ahead Of His Final State Of The Union Address

Fox Hosts: Obama Will “Do A Lot Of Bragging,” But “Our Politics Are About As Divided” As Ever

From the January 12 edition of Fox News' Happening Now:

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JON SCOTT (HOST): Well right now the president is gearing up for his final State of the Union address. It comes just as the race to succeed him is really heating up amid new concerns about terror attacks here and abroad, and the state of the global economy as well. So how does it all figure into tonight's speech. Neil Cavuto, anchor of Your World, joins us now. Neil, obviously up until Paris and San Bernardino the economy was front and center on the minds of Americans.These days, terrorism and national affairs actually trump those. So where does the president start in this speech tonight?

NEIL CAVUTO: Well we're told he's going to do a lot of bragging. He's going to refer to the 2.5 million jobs just gained last year. He's going to talk about how different the country is from when he assumed office, when we were in the middle of a meltdown. He's going to talk about an unemployment rate at 5 percent versus close to 10 percent at its highest point when he just came into the White House. So he'll look back and do a lot of crowing. Now Republicans in that audience will no doubt be pointing out reports this morning that prescription drug prices soared over 10 percent in the last year. Even though the president's talking about how much the healthcare law has helped folks. 17 million added to the healthcare payroll. Republicans are going to counter, and no doubt Nikki Haley in her response on behalf of the Republicans, that that has come at an enormous cost. So the back and forth, which is why we're here, not only ahead of the big debate on Thursday but the fact the presidential candidates are going to be so focused on responding to what the president says tonight, Jon.

SCOTT: Yeah, we are told that he wants to talk about the things that unite us as a nation. He says he wants to deliver a sort of non-traditional speech. I think going back 8 years ago when he was talking about hope and change and was elected to be this unifying figure in the country. And right now, I mean you can't entirely blame the president for all of this, but our politics are about as divided as I've ever seen them.


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