Fox Figures Critique Clinton And Warren Wardrobes: “It Makes A Difference”

Trish Regan: “Don’t They Have Something In The Car That They Could Change Into?”

From the June 27 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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TRISH REGAN (HOST): Democratic Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, taking a swipe at Trump today while stumping with Hillary Clinton in the swing-state of Ohio. The darling of the Progressive wing, she is said to be on Clinton's list of potential VP picks. Former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell joins us right now. Pat, does that help or does that hurt Hillary Clinton if Elizabeth is the running mate?

PAT CADDELL: Well, a complicated -- it's an interesting question. But I have to comment first of all on the coordination -- I mean, on the Bobbsey Twin outfits. This is not good. Men don’t have to do this. But so if they ran they literally would have to have daily coordination -- 

REGAN: Well you know, now that you bring it up, I kind of wonder, right? 

CADDELL: Somebody should have said wait a minute.

REGAN: Don’t they have something in the car that they could change into? 

CADDELL: Yes, they do.

REGAN: Elizabeth Warren could have probably said, you know, I'll wear red today. 

CADDELL: But somebody didn’t do [inaudible] because it makes a difference. So anyway, I’m not saying -- I don't mean to be sexist. 


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