Fox fearmongers about the potential of terrorist migrants hours after racist “great replacement” mass shooting

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Citation From the May 14, 2022 edition of Fox News' Lawrence Jones Cross County

TOM HOMAN (GUEST): Last month they admitted they arrested 42 people on the screening database, terror screening database. There's been over 700,000 known "got-aways" since Joe Biden became president. How many of them, who were on the terror screening database, are in the country right now? You're not going to tell me out of 700,000, with 161 different countries made in that...sponsor terrorism, not a single person came across that border and not got arrested coming to this country to do us harm. This is a national security issue of huge proportions. I have done this for 35 years, Lawrence. I have never been more concerned about the safety of this nation then I am under this administration. The secretary needs to be impeached on day one when the Republicans take back congress and I told them that last week when I met with them.

LAWRENCE JONES (HOST): Those are the marching orders.