On Fox, Dr. Scott Atlas decries “disgusting, despicable, vile” pandemic decisions based on politics

Trump had appointed Atlas to the COVID-19 task force after he had made political statements on Fox News

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Citation From the January 21, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Story with Martha MacCallum

TRACE GALLAGHER (HOST): Yeah, I know Bezos is not a fan of the president, but if they had offered this a month ago, would we -- in your estimation -- be a whole lot better off today?

DR. SCOTT ATLAS (GUEST): Well, I -- I hate to predict like that, but I can say this: it is disgusting, despicable, vile for people to let people die in this country for political reasons. We see it potentially as that. 

We also saw it when this administration that came in cast doubt on the safety of the vaccine. Why don't we hear that anymore, okay? The vaccination program and the vaccine development was very safe, no corners were cut. We kept saying that. And people in this administration at the highest levels made people insecure about the safety.

When you undermine public confidence in something as critical as a life-saving vaccine, I don't know how to describe something like that, but I'll use one word. It is absolutely heinous, it's sinful to do that. So, I'm glad to hear President Biden call for unity. I'm glad to have him actually explicitly state it's important to have trust in our healthcare system. It's sad and really disgusting that so many people intentionally undermine the confidence in this vaccination, which now they are rushing to prioritize. Nothing changed except who's in charge politically.