Fox Doc's Racial Rant: Obama Welcomes Ebola Because His “Affinities” Are With Africa

Ablow: Americans Got Stockholm Syndrome And Elected Obama Because His Names Are “Very Similar To Two Of Our Archenemies”

UPDATE: The Washington Post's Erik Wemple reported on October 16 that Ablow “was signed to a new contract with the network in late September, Fox News has confirmed.” Wemple added: “Perhaps it was Ablow's recent contract renewal that gave him the swagger to derive Ebola-related commentary from Obama's brain.”

Fox News contributor Keith Ablow went on an unhinged racial rant against President Obama, accusing him of failing to protect the country against Ebola because his “affinities, his affiliations are with” Africa and “not us ... He's their leader.” Ablow also compared America to a hostage with Stockholm Syndrome, electing a man who dislikes the country and “has names very similar to two of our archenemies, Osama, well, Obama. And Hussein.”

Ablow, a member of Fox News' “Medical A-Team,” appeared on the October 14 edition of Fox News Radio's The John Gibson Show. He had previously written a column alleging that President Obama is not forcefully confronting Ebola and helping calm fears about the disease because he “may literally believe we should suffer along with less fortunate nations.”

Ablow started by explaining that from his perspective “as a psychiatrist,” Obama thinks he's a “citizen and a leader of the world” who doesn't belong to one country and “perhaps least of all this country because he has it in for us as disappointing people. People who've been a scourge on the face of the Earth. And so for him to then say we're going to seal the borders and protect Americans when in my view, in his mind, if only unconsciously, he's thinking, 'Really? We're going to prevent folks suffering with illnesses from coming across the border flying into our airports when we have visited a plague of colonialism that has devastated much of the world, on the world? What is the fairness in that?' I believe Barack Obama is thinking.”

He continued, speculating that the president believes America shouldn't be immune to Ebola when “others are suffering, when we are a bad people.” As evidence of Obama's supposed anti-Americanism, Ablow cited “the apology tour, having heard his wife say, you know, when they were campaigning that she hadn't been proud of America until her husband was, you know, had his sights set on the presidency. With him, you know, attending a church where the pastor said 'God Damn America' and the rest of it. It all fits, doesn't it? ... How can you protect a country you don't like? Why would you?”

Ablow then purported to speak from “deep inside the president's psyche”:

ABLOW (AS OBAMA'S “PSYCHE”): “You miserable people have destroyed so much in the world in terms of good things, and now you're going to build a wall? Really? To insulate yourself from things that are devastating other nations when your gains are ill-gotten? And the very fact that you can build a wall -- you're using wealth that you never should have had to build it. This is just another manifestation of you didn't build that, business. Right? You didn't build the right to make yourself immune from something that is devastating a country with lesser resources.”                                    

The Fox News contributor also veered into racial territory when attacking the president. When asked why Obama wouldn't impose a travel ban on flights from Africa, Ablow responded that Obama's “affinities, his affiliations are with them. Not us. That's what people seem unwilling to accept. He's their leader ... we don't have a president.” He added: “We don't have a president who has the American people as his primary interest.”

Ablow's commentary went further off the rails when he theorized that Americans elected Obama because they have Stockholm Syndrome -- when hostages sympathize with their captors -- after the 9/11 terrorist attacks and elected someone “who has names very similar to two of our archenemies, Osama, well, Obama. And Hussein.”

ABLOW: What would the cure be? The cure is 2016, perhaps, where people finally say look, here is what happened. They knocked down our buildings on 9/11. It was horrible. It was horrible. It was unspeakable. In the aftermath of that, we got something like national Stockholm Syndrome, which is what people get when they're taken hostage on planes. And for a time, they start expressing the feelings of the people who took them hostage because they don't want to die.

And I think that we became psychologically mired in a form of national Stockholm Syndrome. We said to ourselves, and the world, “Look at this guy. We're going to elect this guy president. Why would you attack us? We're not even voting for somebody who likes us. This guy, who has names very similar to two of our archenemies, Osama, well, Obama. And Hussein. Hussein. Surely you won't attack us now because we've got a shield here of a guy who, as the leader of our country says we're bad. So leave us alone. We get the message.”

Now that was a really horrible psychological strategy because that doesn't stop anybody, number one, from attacking you. And what it does is it removes the United States from its rightful place at the leading edge of a march for freedom in the world and encourages those who hate freedom like ISIL to go on their own march, which they have.

Ablow has a long history of smearing the president, repeatedly claiming that Obama is motivated by hatred of America, among other things

The full segment of Ablow's interview on Fox News Radio's The John Gibson Show is below: