Fox Directs Viewers To Website For Full Obama Speech, After Airing Entire Romney Comments

FoxFox News' election coverage continues to overwhelmingly favor Mitt Romney just a day before Election Day. On Monday, Fox News kicked off election coverage by airing Romney's entire campaign speech live in Orlando, Florida, but did not extend the same coverage to President Obama's speech in Madison, Wisconsin later in the day.

America's Newsroom started airing footage from Romney's campaign rally at the top of the 9 a.m. ET hour and went live to his speech three minutes later. Romney spoke uninterrupted for about 26 minutes before co-host Martha MacCallum returned to provide a positive overview of what he had just said.

By contrast, Happening Now cut away from Obama's speech in Madison after just eight minutes. Co-host Jenna Lee then told viewers: “If you'd like to watch the president and what he has to say in Madison, you can do so at”

Since last week, Fox News has provided significantly less coverage to Obama campaign speeches, airing two hours and 48 minutes of Romney's speeches, as compared with 27 minutes of Obama's speeches from the morning of November 1 to 5 p.m. ET on November 4. So for every minute of airtime Fox News gave Obama, Romney was afforded a little over six minutes.