Fox Covers Obama's Campaign Launch... By Lionizing Reagan

President Obama officially kicked off his reelection campaign today with a rally at Ohio State University. Viewers of Fox News could be forgiven for not knowing this, since the conservative network covered less than three minutes of the actual event before cutting out to get “reaction” from Republican strategist Brad Blakeman.

Imagine what Blakeman might have had to say had he heard the whole speech, which continued for quite a while, to the determined disinterest of the Murdoch network.

In the time it took the president to finish his remarks, Fox News aired several news segments, including a sit-down with Rep. Peter King (R-NY) about how the White House is supposedly screwing up the “war on terror,” and a piece on how President Obama should be more like Ronald Reagan.

For real:

This was made all the more absurd by the guest's acknowledgement right out of the gate that “it's so difficult to even compare the two periods.” Indeed it is! But there was clearly no interest in covering the president's first official reelection campaign speech, and they had to air something, right?