Fox correspondent: “The most immediate threat right now to border security” is “asylum seekers”

From the December 21 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): While Capitol Hill continues to debate whether the U.S. needs another 215 miles of border fence, illegal immigrants are making their own argument, continuing to cross in large numbers where there is no fence. In a remote area of Arizona in the desert, agents yesterday arrested two large groups between Yuma and Tucson, including a pregnant woman and four children who needed immediate medical care. Nine more children also went to hospitals. One group crossed in perhaps the most porous hole in the border, an Indian reservation where the only marker is a fence post and in some places a strand of wire to stop cattle. Now President Trump says such an open border begs for more infrastructure. 


LA JEUNESSE: Mexico agreed, as you said, to allow Central Americans seeking asylum to stay there while the U.S. adjudicates their claim.


LA JEUNESSE: So Julie, that deal is a big deal since it addresses the most immediate threat right now to border security, which of course is asylum seekers, the catch and release, the overwhelming of the system. So with them staying in Mexico, that really does relieve pressure on the U.S.


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